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Food For Humanity

Farmers In Action For Food Security
And Climate Justice.

Integrated Agricultural Association (I.A.A) is a Cameroonian non-profit, non-sectarian and apolitical Organization founded on the 5 th of March 2016 by the founder; Dungrila Pascal Mbimenyuy, recognized on the 28 th of February 2017, as a non-profit NGO by Law No 90/053 of 19/12/1990 governing associations in Cameroon, with authorization N o 09/E.29/1111/Vol.8/ALPAS. Her aim is to ensure Food security, Promote Disease prevention, Promote Social Justice, promote social, economic, and environmental well-being by (i) helping to create “sustainable economic development in rural communities in Cameroon,(ii) empower and train youths and women-owned producer cooperatives, and (iii) educate Cameroonians about the importance of organic farming and organic food.



I.A.A helps to transform subsistence farms into profitable businesses by helping smallholder farmers access good training, affordable capital, quality inputs and better crop prices. She also launches food safety awareness raising campaign to educate the public in nutrition.


We provide scholarship opportunities for children from low income families and marketable skills for those with special needs. We provide vocational training to children with disabilities equipping schools with computers and book libraries, construction and equipping school classrooms


In Cameroon, rural population does not have access to quality health care and services. The situation remains the same in public hospitals everywhere in the country. Rural population travel an approximate distance of 25kms or more just to have medical attention, while those visiting public hospitals complain about poor approach by medical personnel.


VOLUNTEERING.I.A.A provides opportunities for both nationals and internationals that are willing to improve their skills, and those that wish to build volunteer experience. Additionally, we organize community development works to mobilize young people in volunteerism and social initiatives.