Integrated Agricultural Association-IAA, organized a two days’ training workshop on gender
discrimination, entrepreneurship and production of soap and powder soap to empower girls and young
women, to use local resources to fight poverty and live a healthy life. I.A.A found out that, it is
imperative to empower girls and women in difficult environment, as the people of Northwest and
Southwest regions of Cameroon are challenged by the ongoing war in the regions, and COVID-19
Pandemic. During the workshop, 21 participants received personal protective equipment (Face masks)
from I.A.A, including health advice on how to limit continues spread of the virus.

I.A.A believe that empowering people to take care of their own development is the best way to provide
a long term solution to poverty and hunger, and also a means to build peace in our communities. At the
end of the workshop, participants received certificates to testify their full participation and what they
have learned from the workshop.
The innovative aspect of this workshop is that, at the end of the exercise, participants agreed to start a
solidarity group named: I.AA Women group Yoke, and this an innovative idea, as it will help to engage
more women in solidarity initiatives and Social economy. Solidarity is insurance for people with less
opportunities, and with solidarity they can move mountains. I.A.A will continue to work with women in
this community to empower them I different areas of development to build peace and resilience. The
workshop was organized from 08 to 09 January 2021.