In Kumbo, Secondary school girls become pregnant as a result of lack of understanding about family
planning. This is also because the information on reproductive health is not widely disseminated for
better access by young girls and women of reproductive age. School girls’ records poor academic
performance as a result of menstruation. During this period, these girls stay away from school because
of stigmatization and lack of basic menstrual hygiene information and the school administration do not
make available a safe environment for these girls to take care of the menstrual situation with dignity.
Married women deliver children too close as a result of lack of reproductive health information and
family planning which result in poor health, and unsafe abortion. I.A.A has designed this project to
increase access to reproductive health information among school girls and the women of Kumbo.
I.A.A set-up workshops throughout Kumbo with different groups of individuals in order to discuss
reproductive health, and address the questions of the participants. The workshops involved secondary
school students (one for male students and one for female students), sex workers, and local
communities. For each workshop, every effort is made to make the participants feel that they are in a
safe environment.
All workshops usually start with an open question session to answer the sexual health questions of all
participants. In addition to these workshops, radio talk shows are held in local languages, which also
include a call-in question and answer session.