A child is a person between birth and puberty. In some countries, children are considered between the ages of 0-14 year but in Cameroon, anybody under the ages of 18 is considered a child. Below this age, you are not allowed to get married or engage in sexual activities.

However, due to poverty, traditional beliefs/religious and social hardship in the society, some parents/ communities have resorted to giving out their children for marriage at an early age as a means to relieve the family from financial stress. Child marriage has become very rampant in many communities as a means of financial benefits and other attachments to marriage. This has many negative consequences especially on the girls and the community at large. The negative impact of child marriage includes: Increased maternal and infant health risks, greater exposure to HIV/AIDS, exposure to domestic and sexual violence as well as limitation of the child’s educational and life’s achievements. Ending child marriage therefore reduces maternal mortality, reduces their exposure to STIs, gives them the opportunity to further their education and achieve their life desires. I.A.A is working with girls and boys educating them on the dangers of child/early marriage.

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