Maturity in humans comes with a lot of bodily changes and developments. Most of these changes usually take most adolescents by surprise and they find it difficult to deal with deal with or adapt to them. Menstruation and reproduction are some of the signs of maturity. Understanding and managing the menstrual cycle has been a very difficult task especially to the young adolescents who are still at puberty stage. Unable to understand and adapt to the new changes in their bodies, many of them have engaged in activities that usually have negative consequences on their lives and future. In most local communities, sex education is lacking either due to factors such as tradition, religion and illiteracy. Most girls do not know about their reproductive rights. They turn to respond to society’s demands of early sexual activity and marriage. Many of them do not know either sexual reproductive right nor do they understand their menstrual cycles. This has had negative consequences on the adolescents as well as the entire community. These consequences ranging from early/forced marriages, unwanted pregnancies, exposure to domestic violence, increase maternal mortality, exposure to STIs and other sexual related health risks. To reduce these consequences therefore, I.A.A has taken bold steps in educating youths on menstruation management, menstrual hygiene, and sexual/reproductive rights including family planning techniques.

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