What We Do

Our projects

Our organization is involved in numerous programs but has mainly the following.

Basically, IAA CAMEROON has numerous programs of interest but has mainly the following which the organization has as her domains of interest.


We provide vocational training to children with disabilities and support them with equipment to set up workshops that will enable them to be economically self-reliant, participate in community activities and be socially recognized. We promote ICT and quality education both in urban and rural communities by equipping schools with computers and book libraries, construction and equipping school classroomsas well as the provision of sanitation equipment and water in schools where such services are lacking.


She also launches food safety awareness raising campaign to educate the public in nutrition. Build & quot; is the second level of I.A.A success strategy. Many farmers’ livelihoods are stable but vulnerable. When working with these communities, we use conservation agriculture techniques and territorial value-chain development.


This is a critical issue that affects mostly women and their children which have had severe consequences on their lives, notably; education and health. Children stay away from school just because they don’t want to carry water on their head every day. And women travel 5kms or more to fetch for dirty water. I.A.A provide access to safe and clean water (water pumps and distribution systems, well drilling, bore holes, spring capping).


We carryout tree planting exercises and train local groups and families to establish tree nurseries to supply tree seedlings to the local community, with the aim to foster community engagement in afforestation. We train more than 5,600 people annually in tree planting and care.And work with school children to educate them on the importance of trees to the environment and the value of agro-forestry. We also conserve biological diversity, indigenous forests and maintain ecosystem services (water, soil, and carbon sequestration). We plant 15,000 trees on farm lands, footpaths, water catchments, school campus and on public lands annually.


I.A.A is working to advocate for peace through peace building initiatives and humanitarian response. Defending children against trafficking, early marriages and force labor. Ensure that the rights and dignity of women, children and persons living with disabilities are protected and fulfilled. And strive to build a peaceful and harmonious coexistence between enemies in times of conflict and war.


Women are often marginalized, less educated, lack access to finances, collateral security and are not always able to participate in decision making processes locally. Opportunities on entrepreneurship, capacity buildings and access to land are always limited. Where these facilities are available they are not reliable, affordable and accessible. They suffer from domestic violence and their girls fall victims of child trafficking and early marriages. They are exposed to all forms of domestic violence including financial abuse. These situations are common in rural areas in Cameroon and elsewhere in the world. I.A.A is empowering women with micro- business and entrepreneurship skills and supporting them with startup loans to start new businesses/ or improve existing ones. I.A.A assists women with entrepreneurial skills through micro-business training and financing so that they can be able to build wealth for their families and participate in nation building.


VOLUNTEERING.I.A.A provides opportunities for both nationals and internationals that are willing to improve their skills, and those that wish to build volunteer experience. Additionally, we organize community development works to mobilize young people in volunteerism and social initiatives.